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Optimization made easy with the new Amazon bulk editor

Teespring’s Amazon bulk editor allows you quickly optimize your campaigns for Amazon. To get started, click on the “Integrations” tab under “Products” in your Teespring Dashboard.

Keep in mind this feature is available to sellers as soon as they get access to the Amazon integration. 

There are two main functions of the Amazon bulk editor:

  1. Check the Amazon status and custom information of all your eligible campaigns
  2. Bulk edit the custom fields for your campaigns to optimize them for Amazon’s marketplace

Please note: The Amazon bulk editor can not be used to add new campaigns to Amazon. You must click into each campaign’s Amazon settings and check the “Active” box to list new campaigns on Amazon.

How to check the status of all your eligible campaigns 

The bulk editor provides an easy way for you to see how many of your Teespring campaigns are currently active (or not) on Amazon at any given time. To check your active campaigns click the “Download data” button as shown in the screenshot above, and we will email you a CSV of all eligible campaigns.

In the Amazon active column you will see a 1, 0 or an empty cell. A “1” in this column means that the campaign has been marked as “Active.” A blank cell or a “0” means that the “Active” box has not been checked and the campaign is not live on Amazon. If you’ve previously customized your campaign name, description, bullet points, or keywords for Amazon, this content will be in the CSV.

Please note: Just because you have marked a campaign as “Active” does not mean it is live on Amazon. It takes 24–72 hours for campaigns to be listed on Amazon, and if it doesn’t meet the requirements of eligible campaigns, your products will not be listed on Amazon.

How to use the bulk editor to optimize campaigns for Amazon 

It’s important to optimize your campaigns to improve your Amazon search ranking and help customers find your designs. Here’s a more in-depth look on how to do that.

The CSV you download with your campaign information contains eight columns of information:

  • Teespring campaign URL
  • Amazon campaign name
  • Amazon custom description
  • Amazon active
  • Amazon custom bullet 2
  • Amazon custom bullet 3
  • Amazon custom bullet 4
  • Amazon custom keywords

(Click to englarge)

In the CSV, fill in the desired campaign name, description, bullet points, and keywords for each campaign. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Do not alter any information in the “Teespring campaign URL” column and “Amazon Active” columns
  • Do not change the order of the columns, but switching the order of the rows is okay
  • Do not include any special characters like slashes (“/”) in the URL field or commas in the keyword field
  • Please obey the character limits—anything that goes over will be truncated:
    • Campaign name (80 character limit)
    • Description (2,500 character limit)
    • Bullet points (500 character limit for each bullet)
    • Keywords (800 character limit)

Then, click the “Upload CSV” button to update your Amazon listings’ information. When you click “Upload CSV,” we will let you know how you’re doing—”Uploading,” “Your file is uploaded,” or “Something went wrong, please try again.”

And that’s it! Your edits will be added to your Amazon listings within 24–48 hours.




4 responses to “Optimization made easy with the new Amazon bulk editor

  1. Shannon Lester says:

    Great will check this out!
    For new campaigns ive listed, what goes in the bullets links?

  2. alice says:

    no“Integrations” tab under “Products” in my Teespring Dashboard.

  3. Santiago says:

    I am missing the Amazon icon in the products tab, is available at the moment?

    1. Kate ShoafKate Shoaf says:

      Hey Santiago, Amazon integration is being rolled out little by little. Please be patient, you’ll see the globe icon in your account soon! 🙂

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