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8 ways to sell more with Teespring’s Boosted Network

Want to maximize the amount of sales you’re getting from Teespring’s Boosted Network? Check out our cheat sheet below; we’re going to tell you exactly what we’re looking for and how you can get more product listings live and selling!

1. Fresh new designs

You’re designing for more than just Facebook audiences these days! Every month more and more sales are coming in from Teespring Marketplace searches and Boosted Network. That’s why it’s important for you to expand your horizons beyond “niche” focused designs. We are especially interested in adding seasonal and trending content (think political, meme culture, etc.). Keep in mind beautiful and high quality designs tend to perform best on the Boosted Network.

2. Update existing campaigns

Why? Because we look at a campaign’s sales history and current conversion rate when selecting new content to add to the Boosted Network. Successful campaigns with a proven sales history are usually prioritized first (after seasonal or trending content). Therefore, you should update your old campaigns with new products whenever possible and continue to drive traffic to old campaigns.

3. Use #Boosted hashtags

We are still looking for new content even after we’ve hit our submission quota. If you include specified hashtags like #BoostedCanvas, #BoostedPillow, #BoostedPhone, etc. in your campaign description it can increase the likelihood of getting featured even if your campaign doesn’t have an extended sales history. Keep an eye out on the blog for limited edition hashtag announcements like #BoostedHalloween too.

4. Any product can get listed

When we first launched Amazon integration we were required to ONLY use rush-eligible products. Now that we’re adding listings to a variety of marketplaces we’re not limited by production timeline (i.e. this is why NEW products are getting added to Boosted Network). Keep in mind we plan to expand our list of rush eligible products in the future as well!

5. Design guidelines are king

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…if your design does not comply with the design guidelines chances are it will NEVER get listed in the Boosted Network. A large number of submissions are rejected due to design issues every day—you need to make sure you’re  complying with guidelines if you want them to be listed.

6. Go for goal of 1

You’ll want to set all your campaigns to goal of 1 (sales target) for a few reasons. First, it’ll help improve your chances of tipping campaigns in general, second a proven sales record can help prioritize your listing, and third it will improve the likelihood that your listings remain listed on the Boosted Network (remember we require at least one unit sale monthly for all listings).

7. SEO matters

As with our own Teespring Marketplace, your campaign title and description play an important role in how we find and add your campaigns to the Boosted Network. These elements also impact how they are listed within additional marketplaces. Don’t forget that both organic search and Teespring Marketplace sales are on the rise (we’ve seen 42% Year on Year growth from organic traffic on, so you should optimize your Teespring campaigns to capture more sales.

8. Capitalize on less competition

Below you’ll find our top selling categories on eBay, Amazon and Walmart. Did you notice how “other” is a big chunk of Boosted Network sales? Here’s your chance to capitalize on underserved categories while there’s less competition!

Check out some of the design themes that fall under “other” and consider using them as inspiration for your next design: country/geography (location), politics, belief/religion, humor, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, LBGT, class of 2018, dog, geek, nerd, history, idioms, Christian, racing, armed forces, grief, Halloween, and Christmas. We expect holiday themes to be extremely popular in the coming months as well (hello ugly sweaters!). Also, we’re planning on adding thousands of new EU listings in the coming months. 


Make sure to opt-in to the Boosted Network in your account settings to take advantage of this extra sales opportunity!




13 responses to “8 ways to sell more with Teespring’s Boosted Network

  1. Md Rokonuzzaman Rokon says:

    I am agree to work in this market place,,,please help us,,,,

  2. Nachelle jenkins says:

    I would love to have my product on amazon #pushthru

  3. Vamshi k says:

    Yes i want to be a part in this market place please help me .

  4. Troy Thomas says:

    Hi Katie I’m Troy Thomas and I am the owner of Iye Dream Flirt Tee Shirts I am interested in getting my merch in the booted network I have yet to make any conversions I have been having problems with my facebook business page all some of my campaign’s I’ve posted to my personal facebook I’ve contacted Facebook support team by have not received a reply I will be launching my tweeter page today. I’m not really a marketer I’m learing as I go along I’m a poet and creative writer teespring is awesome and I will incorporate it all the tip’s in my marketing plan. I’ll also will be joining in on the blog. your tips are very inspiring Thank You.

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Troy! Happy to hear it 🙂

  5. Louis says:

    I read everything about the boosted network. Now I am ready to be part of that network. Pleas help me

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:

      Great! Just make sure your campaigns meet the requirements explained here:

      We’re also looking for EU content:

  6. youcef says:

    please can you tell me if mugs are eligible for eu boosted network

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:

      yes they are! 🙂

  7. sujon mondol says:

    I am newcomer in tees so any body help me ple……

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