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7 tools for creating irresistible ad images for mobile shoppers

Want to create thumb-stopping Facebook ads for mobile shoppers? You’ll find some awesome examples and app recommendations in Facebook’s Mobile Studio. Check out our favorite apps below—they’re perfect for creating irresistible ad images for your Teespring products.  

  1) Giflab

GifLab is perfect for creating .gif videos and it’s super user-friendly. You can use it to show off all color options for apparel, or highlight all products available in your listing. Show your shoppers everything you have to offer in one quick glance!


  2) Layout

Layout is an awesome collage app. It’s integrated with Instagram so you can share the image directly to social media. Check out the example image below featuring products from a particular store. You can turn your collages into gifs by using GifLab too.   


  3) Canva

Canva app makes it easy for everyone to create professional-looking graphics. There are hundreds of templates available with beautiful layouts for text editing. Each template is designed for a specific purpose like sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat in newsletters, etc. Check out this example image created with Canva + Giflab.


  4) Splice

Like other video apps, Splice enables you to create videos quickly and easily. But this app has a unique zooming function too. This tool allows you to generate close-up shots of your products—helping mobile shoppers see the details of your beautiful designs! See an example of the zoom feature.


  5) Videoshop

Videoshop is another great app that offers a variety of features to create quality video ads. You can combine photos and videos, add slow-motion edits, create animated titles, and more.  


  6) Legend

Legend is ideal for creating animated text. You could use this tool when sharing special promotions and discounts for example. You’ll find a ton of cool animated text templates to choose from. Check out this video example created using both Legend + Videoshop.


  7) Slideshow Video’n Movie Maker

Slideshow Video’n Movie Maker is a great way to show off customer reviews in a visual way. You may want to use text editing apps like Snapseed in conjunction with this app—that way you can show images + text reviews (example).




9 responses to “7 tools for creating irresistible ad images for mobile shoppers

  1. Jonathan says:

    Ok c super cool

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    What if I had a better idea to do other things

  3. Ramon watts says:

    I really like this image

  4. md absar uddin says:

    Nice System

  5. Huaying says:

    I always use a screen recorder which has the option to export video as GIF file format. Maybe your way is more direct.

  6. Will says:

    This tool is a must have for me so I won’t be wary if my images will be lost or accidentally deleted.

  7. Nouvatees says:

    I use canva, monento and Pixaloop. Each has its unique features. Thank you for sharing these great apps

  8. Kasun says:

    well, supper cool site… i like it…

  9. ahmad lesmana says:

    Must try

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