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3 ways to optimize the buyer experience


From our start as just a t-shirt selling platform to a community of eager creators and buyers, Teespring has evolved into the world’s largest selection of uniquely custom products anywhere.

Winning in commerce today means more than just high quality products that people love. Buyers want an engaging experience – a different way to shop than what they could find in a traditional retail store. This holiday season, work with us to create an en experience that entices them to purchase and keep coming back for more!

1.Narrow the Search (optimize your campaigns for Teespring Marketplace)

The best way to improve your chances of being ranked in categories and search results in the Teespring Marketplace is to use a keyword-rich campaign title and description when setting up your campaigns. For example, a campaign title like “Tattoo Grandmother Tee” is much more effective compared to “Limited Edition Tee”. For campaigns descriptions, including content that is relevant to the design is super effective. An example of a good description would be something like “Are you a grandmother who loves knitting? Or maybe you know someone who is? This shirt is perfect for those who can’t be separated from their yarn and needles…“. You can also create a great URL slug to generate more results in organic search. For example if the design is “Love my mom” try adding the words “shirt” or “mug” to the URL so you get “”.

2. Write a good campaign description

If a buyer has clicked on your campaign, you know they’re interested in what you have to sell. But often times they need some extra convincing to go from browser to buyer! The campaign description exists to give you a way to make the case about why your design is worth purchasing. Check out these tips to learn more about writing a winning campaign description:

  • Include a call to action like “Buy now! Only available for 7 days.”
  • Encourage group buying: “Get one for yourself and for a friend!” “Order for a friend and save on shipping!”
  • Ask your shoppers to share the campaign after they buy it: “Grab this product now and share it with all of your friends on Facebook.”
  • Remember: keep the campaign description short and to the point!
  • Use relevant keywords as described in tip number 1 – explain why your design would make the perfect gift or purchase!
  • Do not include customer support telephone numbers or emails in campaign descriptions; buyers will be instructed on how to contact customer support in their order confirmation emails.

3. Help buyers get the support they need

If you manage an online community chances are you may get questions from buyers about the status of their order, how to exchange sizes, etc. Keep in mind Teespring has a fantastic customer support team whose main objective is to make sure your buyers get the attention and assistance they deserve! Teespring Creators should encourage customers to contact buyer support directly for assistance – below are some different resources and information you can share within your communities.

  • Buyer support emails are responded to within 24 hours and any follow up responses are within 24-48 hours pending on the issues.
  • Buyers can edit their orders before production (i.e. their shipping address, size, etc.) – direct buyers to their confirmation email where they can find more information on how to update their orders
  • Buyers should contact Teespring’s Customer Support Team directly via their confirmation emails for assistance – avoid providing email addresses for buyers to contact.
  • Buyers can check their order status using this link:


2 responses to “3 ways to optimize the buyer experience

  1. sazzad hossain says:

    I am new in teespring !! would help me by providing a list of best teespring selling cities of usa and canada?

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hi Sazzad, please check out the training center for tips on how to find your audience:

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