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3 ways to optimize Teespring listings for marketplace search

There are several ways Teespring sellers can optimize their listings to sell through the Boosted Network. Optimized listings can improve your products’ marketplace exposure and lead to more sales. An optimized listing can also help us prioritize your products for the boosted network because our team will be able to easily identify design themes as we search for more content to feature.

1. Title

Your listing title is the most important element you should focus on optimizing.  Creating a unique, descriptive listing title is a great way to help shoppers find your products. An example of a good title is “I Like Beer and Fishing – Funny Hobby” because it incorporates keywords related to the design: beer, fishing, funny, hobby. These words are not only relevant to the design, but they are also words a buyer might search for.

  • Keep in mind there’s no need to repeat keywords. This doesn’t improve your SEO when it comes to listings.
  • Do not include words describing the product type, color, size, etc.—these elements are automatically incorporated into listings when they are added to the Boosted Network.
  • Also, try to limit titles to five to eight words (40 character limit) and avoid adding words like “limited edition”, “over 1,000 sold”  or “ending soon”. These words take up space, don’t improve SEO, offer no insight on what your design is actually about, and could even violate our false advertising policy.
  • Make sure to translate your title (and description) if your design is translated into a specific language.  

2. URLs

It’s good practice to customize listing URLs with relevant keywords. For example, if the design is “Love my mom” and your default product is a shirt, try adding the words “shirt” to the URL so you get “”. If you don’t want to add the product to the URL make sure to add at least one or two keywords.

3. Description

Your listing description can help convert shoppers into buyers and make your products more discoverable within Teespring’s Marketplace. When writing a description try to include content that is relevant to the design. Also, use phrasing that could help a shopper self-identify with your design theme. 

An example of a good listing description could be something like this:

Are you a grandmother who loves knitting? Or maybe you know someone who is? These products are perfect for those who can’t be separated from their yarn and needles!

Clearly, this is a design for grandmothers who like knitting. We recommend keeping your description short and concise as well—don’t add loads of text or random keywords and hashtags as this will make your listing appear spammy.

NOTE: Avoid keyword or hashtag stuffing

We do not recommend adding random hashtags and stuffing keywords into your listing descriptions. This can confuse shoppers and make your listing appear spammy. 

This is exactly what not to do…

Why is this a “bad” example?

  • Nothing in the description is relevant to the design.
  • It looks like the seller intended this content to be spaced out, but it’s closely stacked and hard to read.



111 responses to “3 ways to optimize Teespring listings for marketplace search

  1. Joy says:

    Can I use #BoostedChristmas hashtag now, I mean in March month to get listed, So that I can get more sales in December?

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Joy – that promotion is over so there is no point in adding the hashtag.

  2. Suman says:

    I have upload a design. how can i sell design.Please let me know.

    1. Lindsay says:

      There is a button the says “Continue” at the bottome left of ther screen.

      1. Trishna Mukherjee says:

        I none of the products I made come up in a search result
        If I search for aqua meow, I get random results for not my product. Please advice!

        1. Kate Shoaf says:

          Hey Trishna – marketplace search results are ranked based on an algorithm combining buyer search terms, listing keywords, sales history, and seller trust scores. To increase your ranking in search results we recommend optimizing listings, driving sales, and complying with our design policies. Learn more about trust scores here.

  3. Dana Stamps says:

    I have been marketing items on Teespring now for a little over a month. I have a store front. I have very cute designs. I know my audience(animal lovers), and my store and all my campaigns are animal themed. I have only sold three things so far. I have boosted my ads on Facebook and done some Promo’s on Pinterest, and people LOVE my designs, and I had one lady send me a message about one of them and say, “I want it!” I responded and told her about my site a little more and gave her the link and told her I would look forward to doing business with her!! I still cannot get people in there to buy. I have my products on Instagram and Google+ and Twitter as well, plus I have a free listing on Bing and a free Google page. I just need to receive my verification codes and apply them. I put key words in all the campaigns( up to 10, not hashtags in the description). I am so disappointed. I had some people say that on average it can even take anywhere from a year to 2 years to get your stuff out there and build your business. I just can’t get people in there to buy! I will admit, my products have a lot of detail and are one of a kind with cuteness!! I know I’m giving myself a pat on the back. But, I need it! I am working to get even more products made for my store. I love to make the different designs! But, what can I do to build my business?! I would be happy to give you my email, if you would please take a look at my site.

    Thank you and have a great day!

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Dana – don’t give up! People don’t find success overnight. It’s important that you take the time to learn the difference between creating a cute design and creating a design that people connect with (they see it and think “hey that’s me!”). This is where most sellers are able to unlock success and sales.

      1. Dana Stamps says:

        Thank you for the encouragement! I really appreciate it. If I just got one sale, I would be happy! It’s actually been about 2 months since I first opened my Teespring account, but I’ve just recently gotten up to 11 campaigns, and I still don’t have any sales. I also am wondering how to use a hashtag. I put #MothersDay2018 right after the body of my description. When I look it up as if I was a consumer, it shows #MothersDay2018 right after the body in my description. I don’t know if that’s right.
        Here’s the link to one of my shirts so you can see if it’s right.

        1. Kate Shoaf says:

          Yes that’s right 🙂

          1. Tom Pate says:

            I’m confused about has tags. the advice in the guidelines above the questions, I thought, was saying not to use them at all, and yet, immediately above the reply states, a hashtag was put in the right place. Which is it?

          2. Luiza Jordan says:

            Hey, the advice states to be careful not to do hashtag stuffing. It can make your product description confusing and messy. If you want to add a hashtag into your description if it does not fit with simple key words to describe the design, like #mothersday, then you can add one at the bottom of your description box.

        2. Bob Patrick says:

          Hi Dana,
          That is a beautiful butterfly shirt!! I am a newbie with no art experience but with a desire to learn. I know it is difficult, but persevere and I know you will find sales and success!
          Good luck!

          1. Tom Pate says:

            Thanks for the clarification! 🙂

        3. débutant says:

          Bonjour j’ai remarqué que dans le lien que tu vienne de partager que vous utiliser les papillons dans des t-shirts d’homme déjà sa c’est un problème la plupart des mecs ne s’intéresse pas au papillons, et puis commence à apprendre et lire des livres/cours de marketing, et de design aussi, et puis le Facebook ads chaque domaine d’entre ceux là est différent alors apprend peu à peu et ne met pas l’objectif de votre store qu’il te ramène en fin de journée un cashback, le but est de prendre au besoins au client c’est le plus important et être sérieuse dans ton travail, ce n’est pas par-ce-que t’aime les animaux cutes et tu les dessine ( design ) .. qu’ils doivent se vendre, j’espère que tu fait un planning de ta journée pour apprendre et pratiquer ta passion et dans des mois de travail dur et de patience t’aura ce que tu cherche 🙂 bon courage Diana j’espère que je t’ai aider un peu même moralement.
          cordialement : un débutant.

      2. Dana Stamps says:

        Thank you so much for encouraging me! I really appreciate it! You don’t know how much that means to me. There are a lot of my designs that I want to buy! Haha!
        How do you use a hashtag on Teespring? I know that sounds like a stupid question. I’ve been trying to figure this out all day, and there is nothing on this site that really explains where to type it in. Do I type it right below my description of the campaign?? If I do that, it just shows a hashtag, like I typed in #MothersDay2018 right in the description box of my item. It’s typed in right under the body of the description. But, I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I don’t see hashtags on anyone else’s campaigns. This might be a duplicate question, and I apologize, but I can’t find the original.

        1. Kate Shoaf says:

          Hey Dana – that’s all you have to do. Just add the hashtag somewhere in your description. We’re able to search for all campaigns featuring this hashtag. 🙂

      3. dilipa r dissanayake says:

        i like that your comment Kate ‘ People don’t find success overnight’

    2. Out of the Box says:

      Hi I need some help to marketing my T shirts.

    3. Naria says:

      I’ve seen some of your designs and really love them (like It’s awesome that you are donating to ASPCA! I’ve been trying to save up my money so I haven’t bought any of your items, but don’t give up! You have great design and I’m sure people will find your products. Definitely recommending these to my friends! 🙂

  4. Janet says:

    Is there a way to change a URL once a campaign is launched. I want to go in and add the word shirt or tshirt onto my URLs, but not certain how to do this. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Janet – I don’t believe you’re able to edit the URL from your account. You can try reaching out to for assistance though!

  5. Absar uddin says:

    Who can i sell t-shirt in pinterest please any one help me.
    Who I add campaign tittle ,description, url, and tags. What kinds of technique behind it for higher sale.

  6. Justin says:

    Good morning,
    writing from Germany, after reading the introduction on out to boost our listing on what to do and not to, I discovered my listing words and description are not proper written by me.
    Can I edit it and correct the listing and description since they are teespring live now.
    Please advice me on what to do, thanks

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Justin – we optimize listing title/descriptions for you. Are you saying the translation is incorrect?

  7. Kus says:

    I read this and very thanks. Hope all of us success as teespringer 🙂

  8. samuel teflon says:

    hey guys can i use a funnel with teespring?

  9. Corliss Smith says:

    I’m new at this and just got started last week. So much to learn and read. I want to make the right moves. What do you suggest for a new Teespringer?
    What should I do fist?
    I do advertise on FB but that is not enough.

  10. Amanda says:

    I was stoked in having my storefront and started a few campaigns so far. I marketed in Twitter and FB. I even posted in Instagram. Many people ‘liked’ it however nobody purchased yet. Please show me how to market and to reach larger audiences?
    Thank you.

  11. NILOYNANDI says:

    i can’t sell my tees..can anyone help me with marketing??

  12. elite stores says:

    hi, I’m a newbie of about a month, I’ve created up to 2 designs but don’t know how to promote them. pls, help. I want sales to help my newborn baby. you can also help me check ELITE STORES for your advice on my designs.

    1. Robinson says:

      Check some videos in YouTube. I find those helpful

  13. Taiyeba says:

    How to find promo code?

  14. MOSTEFA 22 says:

    Good luck for all workers and users- teespring

  15. Dimitri TRICHARD says:

    j’ai reçus beaucoup de complimentent avec instagram et facebook sur mes produits mais je ne comprend pas je n’est pas fait de vente auriez vous des conseil SVP??
    Je vous remercie

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Dimitri, I would recommend checking out our creator guide for additional sales help. It sounds like you’re already off to a great start!

  16. Legendary Gentleman says:

    I’m new to Teespring and I get emails saying that my campaign is ‘listed’. I’m aware that this is somewhat irrelevant to the article but I would like to what ‘listing’ means in terms of Teespring. Thank you

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hello, “listed” means that your campaign is now active and that others can search for and find your designs on Teespring.

  17. Dario Miconi says:


    What is the fastest and most interesting way to promote my collections through my network and the platform?

    Thank you

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Dario, lots of our sellers use their personal and business social media accounts to promote their products. Happy selling!

  18. Alessandro says:

    Hi, I need help. I do not know how to modify the clothing on Teespring. I would like to lower the prices of each t shirt, etc. and then improve the title description and other details. But I do not know how to do it, is possibile have give me some indications to as proceed?

  19. Wali says:

    Thank you Kate for sharing valuable techniques to make a good impression on prospective buyer. I have drastically improved the writing aspect of the listings.

    1. Rashad Jackson says:

      What is url?how do reach url?i don’t know what i’m doing.

      1. Erica Bickel says:

        Hi Rashad, your URL is the website address at the top of your screen. It usually starts with “https://” or “http”.

  20. Hamid says:

    I did some designs but I do not know how to sales them. Please show me some good strategies to start well.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Hamid, check out our creator guide for advertising tips.

  21. salman maher says:

    How do I subscribe to Boosted Network?

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Salman, you can learn all about the Boosted Network (including how to opt-in) here.

  22. fairuza says:

    I can not sell permanently on my store please solve this problem

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Fairuza, can you clarify? Thanks!

  23. Raphael Oyeyi says:

    Hi, Apart from social media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter….are there other platforms we can place our URLs?
    Also, i was wondering if there was a way to get more access while designing because, sometimes i might have other ideas for how the design should look, but the boxed area given isn’t be sufficient.

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Raphael, are you running ads? A lot of our sellers use Google Adwords as well. For designs that are larger and exceed the boxed area, you may want to look into designing for all-over print items.

  24. Cardonna says:

    Hello my design are not in the search market place . I have a questions . I wanted to make bts T-shirt but there is copyright problem, why there is a lot of bts T-shirt on teespring market place while I can’t make a design of it and how to do it?

    My second question is how to make my listing on the search market place?

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Cardonna, we are currently working on improving our search feature. BTS is copyrighted and you will not be able to create listings featuring the band or it’s images. If you see listings on Teespring like this, feel free to report them so we can take them down. Thanks!

  25. sohel says:

    Kate Shoaf Please increase title character limit 80/90 words.

  26. Hamid says:

    hi teespring
    i just want to let you know that your website is crushs a lot if i tryed to login i press the login button but nothing is happen and when i refresh the page and it seems that i am in( i guess thats a problem).
    and if i tryed to design a product and tryed to choose all products when i press publish listings when i wait because its depends on how much products i choose the page crushes, the worst thing sometimesmy disgn not showd upwhen i upload it(not in the disgn area but showed in preview area).
    so i guess you need to fix this,the reason i add all products is because i dont want to add products one by one to the listing using the same design.
    thank you

  27. Patrik says:

    how can I change my already existing design and selection of the apparel (there are some bad colours of t-shirts in my products, which I would like to deelete, but I can nowhere find the possibility to do it) without to delete whole product pleas?
    Many thanks for answer

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Patrik, unfortunately there is no way to change or edit your existing listings.

  28. Misharie says:

    Hi I have published designs of t-shirts but have not found them on
    Teespring, Amazon and eBay.

    Are my steps wrong to publish my work or there is a time to publish it?

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Misharie, have you opted-in to the Boosted Network?

  29. Mike says:

    I would love to start making hats. Hat design has not been made available to me. Please Advise

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Mike, we’re adding hats to sellers’ launchers on a case-by-case basis. Be patient and continue making sales to unlock hats!

  30. jack says:

    how about hastags on settings page is it useful to boosted sales?

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      You bet!

  31. MEDIA76 says:

    Hi, I am new and just started with Teespring. At the end of the design process and the Listing is confirmed, it pop up a page where I can pay 0.50$ to sell on Amazon, etc. What is that option? For every campaign is only 0.50$ to boost my T-shirt’s campaign and sell on Amazon or Ebay? I can’t find any information to confirm or how this payment is involved? Please help me.Thanks.

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey there, this is through our Boosted Network. You can find more information on this process here.

  32. Shruti Gupta says:

    Not able to understand after designing , creating list and adding it to storefront , what should i do to start appearing in google search , view analytics and sale starts

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Shruti, opt-in to our Boosted Network to appear on more marketplaces. A lot of our sellers run their own Google and Facebook ads as well.

  33. Mark says:

    Hi, How do I get my product into amazon?

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Mark, sign up for our Boosted Network here.

      1. Cheryl H says:

        I have opted into the boosted Network. One of my shirts sold a while ago and I recently got paid for it. So am I in the boosted Network now?

        1. Luiza Jordan says:

          Hey, usually users are assigned a trust score after their first few sales. Keep in mind listings with sales history are prioritized for the Boosted Network too. So the best way to increase your chances of getting featured is to increase your sales and comply with our design policies.

  34. Danial Jeo says:

    I have just started listing my design for a week now. But when i go to teespring website, i could not even find my design. When I entered the title, i could see others’ designs except mine. What did i miss? Please help. Thanks.

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Danial, we are currently working on improving our search feature so this no longer occurs. Thank you for your patience!

  35. Egor says:

    Hello, could you help me. I have a listing – and when I search for “unnatural” or “skyscrapers” it doesn’t come up in the search results, at all. The same situation I have with all of my listings (three in total so far) What could be a problem here?

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Egor, we are currently working on improving our search feature so this doesn’t occur.

  36. kurt says:

    I just wrote few hashtag on edit section but it didn’t workout ..which the hashtag cannot be search ,please advice !

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Kurt, can you explain further?

  37. Felipe says:

    End-to-end Integration
    You get the total package when you sell with Teespring. We offer full marketplace integration support—Teespring adds your products to the Boosted Network, optimizes your listings, handles order fulfillment, and provides customer service too.
    Zero Cost
    There is zero risk (no listing fees), zero cost (no promotional effort or investment required), and zero limits to the number of products that can be listed and sold on Teespring’s Boosted Network.

    I get the total package when i sell with Teespring.
    Teespring adds your products to the Boosted Network, optimizes your listings.
    ( I lower the prices to )
    Thank you

  38. Nancy says:


    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hi Nancy, unfortunately we do not have a contact phone number at this time.

  39. tasrif says:

    i think i have a problem in my account.I can’t add any listing tags in my new listing.

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey! We’re no longer using tags, we’re in the process of removing it from the edit section, focus on optimizing your title and descriptions instead.

  40. Jaden says:

    Hi I’m trying to add tags for my product, but it keeps telling me that it’s “loading failed.”

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hello! We don’t use tags. Make sure to optimize your title and description to increase discoverability. Learn more:

  41. Koyes1113 says:

    teespring tags not working.

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hello! We don’t use tags. Make sure to optimize your title and description to increase discoverability. Learn more:

  42. SUMIT SACHDEVA says:

    my products are not coming in the search results and please tell me how to add search tags

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hello! We don’t use tags. Make sure to optimize your title and description to increase discoverability. Learn more:

  43. MD MR says:

    I could not add my listing to any storefront. There are no option for add to storefront after launch. But lunching time i got only one option “I will do it later”.

    Please help how to add listing to storefront.


    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey, you can add listings to your storefronts by clicking storefronts tab in your Teespring account. Click ‘edit store’ then ‘add products’ and you can choose your products to add. If you have any problems, please email

  44. Philipp Pedron says:

    Inone of the products I made come up in a search result
    If i search the exact name of my design, store or url it doesn’t show up anything (that means I would not need to increase a ranking?) or other random products.
    Did I do something wrong? Do I need to do something to get into the explorer page? Please advice!

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Philipp, please email for help with this

  45. Anas Wafi says:

    Hello, could you help me. I have a listing – – and when I search for “Pray For Australia”, or some keyword from my description, it doesn’t come up in the search results, at all.

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey, please send an email to for help with this!

  46. Mark says:

    I’m wondering about the URL to my store.
    I’ve tried going to my store through a mobile device and it took a long time to load.
    That could really defer people from buying, since they’d just click off for it taking too long. Is there a remedy to make it load up faster?

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey, this might have something to do with your mobile network connection – if you still require assistance please email

  47. William says:

    I have been designing on teespring for more than a month now, have made 2 direct sells and have opted for the boosted network. Please how do i know if my listings are been placed on the boosted work. I have no notification about that.
    Thank you

  48. Arafat says:

    Is it a bad idea to disclose that I am sharing my profits from sales with a certain charity organization (not involved in controversial issues that could be divisive) and provide links to said organization’s home page and donation page?

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey there. We think that sharing profits with certified charities is a positive thing to do. We recommend donating to a verified charity through Teespring, which can increase conversion rates by 45%. Please see more about this here

  49. Bishwaraj Nayak says:

    I have designed so many products. All I can see through my store name. But when I am searching through, none of them is showing in search list. If I search the exact same title what I have given to my products, then also it is not showing. It seems my products are only limited to my store link. If anyone will search in, he will never find my products. Please tell me what is reason ? How it will show in Please reply ASAP. Thanks

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey there, marketplace search results are ranked based on an algorithm combining buyer search terms, listing keywords, sales history, and seller trust scores. To increase your ranking in search results we recommend optimizing listings, driving sales, and complying with our design policies. If you have any more questions feel free to reach out to

  50. shas says:

    Is the keword tag removed from edit

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Shas, yes we did remove keyword tags

  51. Trevor says:

    Sorry to repeat the same messages as above.
    I have a design called ‘Retro Surf design’ very specific.
    When I search Retro Surf with the Teespring site, 135 results are found, all from a single designer, but not mine!!
    The reply has been regarding an algorithm, which I understand, but surely, even with no sales, no trust score, the 136th item should be my design??
    That is I understand that mine should perhaps be at the bottom of the list, but at least on the list!
    If it doesn’t appear at all, then it will not sell – surely the net result. Unless, someone uses the URL for the item.
    Thanks for any assistance

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Trevor, marketplace search results are ranked based on an algorithm combining buyer search terms, listing keywords, sales history, and seller trust scores. To increase your ranking in search results we recommend optimizing listings, driving sales, and complying with our design policies. If you have any more questions feel free to reach out to

  52. Anderson says:

    Hi There. I’m Anderson Peron. I’m based in São Paulo, Brazil
    None of the products I made come up in a search. This is one store:
    If I search for Life Circle, for exemple, I get random results, not my product. Some advice pls

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Marketplace search results are ranked based on an algorithm combining buyer search terms, listing keywords, sales history, and seller trust scores. To increase your ranking in search results we recommend optimizing listings, driving sales, and complying with our design policies.

  53. Niladri says:

    Hi there. I have created some listings. They are accessible to the public through links but when someone searching by the product names they are not showing in the search results. How can this be fixed?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey there. Marketplace search results are ranked based on an algorithm combining buyer search terms, listing keywords, sales history, and seller trust scores. To increase your ranking in search results we recommend optimizing listings, driving sales, and complying with our design policies, check out these links:

  54. AVOY says:

    Thank you very much..

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