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3 ways Teespring creators can maximize sales this holiday season


After speaking with successful Creators, reviewing insights from the 2015 holiday season, and launching some exciting new marketing initiatives we’ve compiled our top three tips Teespring Creators should know to maximize their sales this holiday season. 

1. Plan ahead and stay on schedule

FACT: Last year, organic traffic to campaign pages increased by 58% between October and November. Overall site traffic increased more than 45% between October and November.

It’s never too early for Teespring Creators to start preparing for the holiday season; hoodies begin selling in September and buyers are already looking for Christmas gifts come October. Make sure you have a timeline in mind for all of your holiday promotions, designs and advertisements and prepare the assets you’ll need ahead of time…once the holidays hit you’ll want to go full steam ahead!

Try this: September & October should be dedicated to brainstorming and testing new designs, holidizing top sellers, and looking for ways to expand your audiences globally (ex. adapt US design for UK buyers). By November & December you should have all of your holiday campaigns and promotions live – don’t forget to contact past buyers to offer early-bird promotions on your latest holidized designs, etc.

2. Teespring’s Boosted Network is going to unlock more unit sales than ever before 

FACT: 1 in 5 sales on is derived from the Boosted Network. Currently we have Creators who acquire over to 65% of their unit sales from these marketplaces. With the upcoming increase in organic traffic to the site you should focus on optimizing your campaigns to make it easier for buyers to find your products.

We’re constantly developing tools and features that can help drive more unit sales for Teespring Creators. One of the ways we’re working to help you sell more is through the Boosted Network – an initiative designed to optimize your listings on marketplaces across the web. Think about the tens of millions of items sold on Teespring every year, now think about the fact that 1 in 5 products sold can be attributed to the Boosted Network…that’s a lot of products! This year our holiday forecast predicts we’ll drive even more units for you so make sure to opt-in to these marketing initiatives via your account settings.

Try this: Tips for SEO in the Boosted Network – create a great URL slug to generate more results in organic search. For example if the design is “Love my mom” try incorporating these words with “shirt” in the URL so you get “”. Also, to improve your chances of being ranked in categories and search results in the Teespring Marketplace use relative titles and keywords when setting up your campaign. For example, a campaign title like “Tattoo Grandmother Tee” is much more effective compared to “Limited Edition Tee”. Just don’t over do it with keywords; keyword stuffing can actually hurt your ranking in search results!

3. Take advantage of new features and tools to boost sales even more

FACT: Offering discounts using the “promotions” tool in your Teespring Dashboard can increase conversions by 60%; this is true for both first-time buyers and returning customers. Combine this figure with other unit-boosting tools like Teespring’s new Shopping Cart (10%+ sales boost), Teespring Driven Sales (20%+ sales boost) and cross-selling with Teespring Storefronts and you’ve got a recipe for success!

The Teespring Team has created (and continues to develop) a variety of tools designed to help Creators maximize their sales. Using fresh ad creatives, sharing discount codes with past buyers, localizing designs using our translation services, and curating your cross-selling products through storefronts are all ways you can push more products during the biggest online shopping time of year.

Try this: 40% of Teespring buyers become repeat shoppers entice past buyers to purchase new designs with a special discount or an early-bird special this holiday season. Create discount codes using the “promotions” tool and follow up by using the “message” tool to share discount codes with past buyers.



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