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3 exciting new Teespring features to help you sell more

We’ve been working on several initiatives to help you drive more sales. This week we’re rolling out new features for wide-scale testing and release. Continue reading to learn more about each of these new updates.


1. Super Rush Shipping

As we approach the holidays faster shipping timelines will mean more sales for Teespring users. Every year we try to find new ways to extend your online selling window leading up to Christmas day and we’re excited to announce our new “super rush” shipping initiative.

Thanks to Teespring’s state-of-the-art printing facility we’re able to offer faster delivery timelines for buyers compared to most print on demand platforms. We’ve recently tested super rush delivery which puts your products into buyers’ hands within two to three days of ordering! After just a few days of testing, we’ve had hundreds of people select super rush delivery. We hope to roll out this feature to all buyers soon after further testing; watch this space for more updates on shipping timelines as we approach the holidays!


2. Facebook Cart Abandonment Tool

Thanks to an ongoing relationship with Facebook Teespring has the opportunity to test cool new features for the Facebook Team. One of these recent tests is the Facebook Cart Abandonment app. When a shopper visits your campaign page (while logged into Facebook) they’ll see a messenger icon and their name below the “Buy Now” button.

If the buyer adds one of your products to their cart (with the messenger option ticked) and does not check out, we will be able to send them a message reminding them to complete their purchase. This message will include a link they can click to complete checkout on Initial results look promising and we plan to continue testing this feature site-wide in the months to come.


3. New “Marketing” section in seller account dashboard

You will notice a new “Marketing” section within your Teespring account starting this week. Essentially this update doesn’t have any functional changes, however, it gives us space to use in the future to add further integrations with various platforms. Use this section to add new tracking pixels moving forward. Please note this update shouldn’t impact any of your current pixels or Facebook authentication status.



4 responses to “3 exciting new Teespring features to help you sell more

  1. jack says:



    i think my order was doubled i only wanted one tee shirt .my order number is 5please reply yo mye-mail6709310dfce001 if it not too late could yoy please order one tee shifrt

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Sharon – please contact [email protected]! I’ll let them know you’ve reached out.

  3. Kabelo Keoarabile says:

    Great development…

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