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27 events that can inspire your next top selling design!

The holiday season is fast approaching! Teespring sellers should begin preparing new design themes now in order to maximize sales through September, October, November, and December.

If you’re aiming to get additional sales through Teespring’s Boosted Network’s make sure to comply with our design policies and account requirements (learn more). Also, if you optimize your listings with relevant keywords, titles, and descriptions it’ll be easier for us to find and add your listings to the Boosted Network.

Keep in mind you can calculate fulfillment cutoff dates for most of the holidays ahead of time (learn more). We’ll confirm holiday shipping timelines as we near December 2018. Now let’s discuss some of the biggest commercial holidays that can help inspire your next top-selling design!



Sellers should expect to see a sales surge from some fun designs themes this September! Beard designs will be trending on social media and in search results as people celebrate World Beard Day. Make sure to have your Nana and Grandad designs ready for National Grandparents Day too—consider layering your design messages to appeal to very specific niches.

Don’t forget themes like grilling, fishing, hobbies, and beer are associated with Labor Day. It’s an American holiday set aside for working men and women to relax and enjoy activities with family and friends. Speaking of family…did you know over 17% of Americans claim German ancestry? You won’t have to travel to Germany to celebrate Oktoberfest this year—there will be many cities celebrating this famous folk and beer festival right here in the United States!




In October we’ll see quite a few events related to some of Teespring’s most popular niches—pets, grandparents, and teachers. In this case, you should be able to re-use and adapt your existing designs for global markets too. Take this opportunity to try exploring new niches like coffee, cat, and vegetarian as well.

When it comes to Halloween consider combining poplar themes like teacher + Halloween. There are also opportunities to maximize buyer’s shopping cart size by offering product combos; try offering a full costume sets like leggings and t-shirts or matching outfits for couples, parents + kids, friends, etc.




Holiday sales really start to pick up in November. Beard, mustache, politics, and dad-themed designs will begin trending as we kick off Movember (men’s health awareness / no-shave November), elections in the US, and celebrate Father’s Day in Scandinavia.

Veteran and armed forces themed designs are especially popular during this time of year. If you are planning to create designs for Remembrance Day or Veterans Day please consider donating a portion of your profits and be sure to respect design policies. For example, no design can feature official military branch logos and do not include the words (or variations of) “marine” or “coast guard”. Also, avoid using “US” before any branch of the military in your design—for example, you cannot have a design featuring the text “US Army Veteran”…but you can have a design featuring “Army Veteran”. The most popular military-themed designs focus on the word “veteran” and incorporate messages about brotherhood, sacrifice, honor, etc. Keep in mind families are extremely proud of their relations to these heroes, therefore you may want to look into adapting veteran-themed designs for family members too.

Make sure to have your email marketing campaigns prepared for sales boosting events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Teespring sellers should try offering special “early bird” promotions to shoppers and past customers to take advantage of the excitement leading up to these two events.




Make sure you’re ready to head full speed into December! Get those ugly Christmas sweater designs live and look for opportunities to combine new and trending themes (example National Mutt Day + ugly sweater or Hanukkah + ugly sweater). We recommend having all of your ugly sweater designs listed as soon as possible—don’t wait until December or you might miss out! Watch out for Green Monday as well—you may want to plan some additional marketing campaigns for all those last minute shoppers!


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