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2020 holiday hacks: cut-off dates, promo tips, and more

As the last quarter of 2020 begins, the holiday season is expected to be one of the busiest periods in e-commerce for creators. Most of your community will be celebrating holidays at home and more shopping will be done online by millions. 

With a huge spike in sales for apparel items and digital products since April, even more demand is anticipated over the holiday season. Fans are looking to support their favorite online brands and creators—there’s no time like the present to buckle down and begin crucial preparations. Begin by checking out the 2020 shipping cut-off dates above, and letting your community know which dates to get orders placed to avoid missing out.

Note: Production starts the day the print cycle ends for standard delivery, while for rush delivery, production begins the day the order is placed. Ensure sure your listing ends before the cut-off dates by initiating your listing’s print cycle, so your community will receive their purchases on time. Visit our FAQ’s to learn more about shipping, fulfilment and cut-off dates.


Ramp up your promo 

Spend time preparing a promotional strategy to push your merch. Fans will see lots of ads over the season, so make sure you’re sharing promotional material tailored to your community as well as launching designs aligned with their interests. Execute powerful promo techniques like organizing sample photoshoots (we recommend ordering samples by November 2nd) and sharing effective video and images highlighting your designs on social media. Check out this super cool promotional campaign MITA Magazine shared to announce their new merch drop. 



Create fresh merch designs and go digital 

It’s a good idea for creators at the end of October and beginning of November to decide which products they plan to drop over the holiday season. What kind of apparel products are your community loving right now? Pay close attention to current trends. This season it’s all about comfort, self-care, home decor, and organization. Your community will love “top half apparel” for holiday zoom calls. Here’s a few on-trend products this season: 

Merch apparel and accessories: 

  • Sweatshirts, hoodies, socks, and beanies (because being cosy is everything- Montana and Ryan have the right idea below)
  • Combine human apparel with pet hoodies. Throw in blankets and towels
  • Accessory pouches, phone cases, neck gaiters, and face masks (make great gifts!)
  • Canvases, posters, and cushions–huge this season

Digital products: 

  • Christmas check-lists and holiday themed recipes (because this season is for eating) 
  • Gifting products such as how-to guides, craft tutorials, photo filters and coloring ebooks
  • Wallpaper bundles (great as a combo item with all over print apparel) 
  • Audio files such as ringtones, music singles, or albums 
  • Digital calendars and planners for new year preparations 


Create a content schedule 

Run ads on your promotional material so your followers know about your discounts and exclusive holiday merch drops. Include engaging captions such as promotional codes, cut-off delivery dates for specific holidays and new designs. 

You might start generating hype for sales a few weeks leading up to BFCM (Black Friday and Cyber Monday). Other Black Friday sales will creep up sooner than you think–these dates are super important. Start planning your pre-BF sales way in advance, as your community has most likely begun their holiday shopping weeks beforehand. A few things to keep in mind:

  • The most successful Teespring sellers tend to run sales throughout November and December.
  • In early November, launch and promote your early sales on organic and paid promotions. Focus on creating anticipation for the upcoming Black Friday weekend and really up your engagement with fans on your social media platforms.
  • When Black Friday weekend arrives, launch your big sales. Sales tend to spike a couple of days before the weekend and continue throughout, so think about when to announce them.
  • Thank your fans for purchasing and taking part in your sales. Repost their content and share personalized messages to show appreciation for their support.
  • During the run up to Christmas, keep the momentum going. You might do this by introducing giveaways for your community on social media or donating a proportion of each sale to a charitable cause. Include bonus Christmas gifts for followers that buy your digital products.  


Now you’re ready to start getting prepped for holidays, head to the Teespring Launcher below to start creating new designs.






3 responses to “2020 holiday hacks: cut-off dates, promo tips, and more

  1. Abdulaziz says:

    Very good quality

  2. Peter Gothro says:

    Nov. 23, 2020
    How do I dispute charges? I ordered some items from you folks, which I received – Thank you, they’re just what I wanted. However, there were two identical charges on my credit card statement (3 charges total) for the same items, but I did NOT receive these additional orders (thank goodness), though I WAS charged for them. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so we may get this straightened out.
    Thanks, Pete

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey, please reach out to [email protected] for any discrepancies with payment. We can help you from there!

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