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2017: T2 and beyond

Since our start in 2012, the Teespring Community has been breaking records and revolutionizing the eCommerce industry by bringing great ideas to market. 2016 proved to be a transformative year and has paved the path for some of our biggest updates in Teespring history. So what are some of the milestones we’ve hit on the way to 2017?

Getting back to our roots

Teespring has always had a mutually beneficial relationship with our users (Creators)––when you succeed, so do we. Our main focus in 2016 was optimizing for your buyers; we launched Teespring Marketing (edit: now merged with the Boosted Network) which included the multi-faceted Teespring Marketplace. The Teespring Marketplace revolutionized how buyers find your products on and drove millions of product sales, helping you acquire incremental units (some Creators acquired as much as 60% more unit sales) without requiring extra work.

Now that we’ve made the site more user-friendly for buyers, we’re turning our attention back to our roots…back to the people who helped us get to where we are today (that’s you!). In 2016 you shared your feedback with us on things you liked, and things you felt we could improve. We listened your comments and posts in the community as well as your responses to the surveys we sent; there were a few things that really stood out to us and so these are the first updates we’ve implemented in 2017.

What’s new with T2?

These are the main features you asked for, and updates we delivered so far:

Flat pricing & new pricing discounts

  • The new flat pricing system means you get the same base cost no matter the number of colors in your design or the number of products sold.
  • Our new Pricing Discounts Dashboard shows you how much more profit you can earn per item based on your monthly sales; these discounts are applied across all your products, not just on high-volume campaigns.

More control over buyer data & buyer marketing experience

  • Access to buyer emails has been a top item on your lists for a long time – and now you can access them via your Teespring Account!
  • Many of you asked to be able to control if your buyers received Teespring marketing messages – now you can decide whether they receive email marketing or not.

Tools to build your brand

  • When it comes to cross-selling you want your products front and center; with the new stores we’re able to recommend related products to your shoppers at checkout. Also, as per your request we only recommend your products…always!
  • The new storefronts are just a taste of what’s to come. Soon you’ll be able to brand your own product pages and organize campaigns using collections too.

What does the future hold?

The recent T2 updates are just the beginning; we will continue to work on features that positively impact your business like expanded branding options, store collections, improved analytics, optimized dashboard organization and more. This quarter you may notice more surveys getting sent around and the introduction of new communication channels for the community…we’re using these tools to optimize the way we gather feedback from you, so that we can continue to deliver more of what you want! The Community Team, along with the rest of Teespring, wants you to know that we are listening to you and we’re working to help make 2017 your best year yet!


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