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2 ways to unlock more Teespring sales with Twitter

We hear a lot of talk about promoting products on Facebook within the Teespring Community—but what about Twitter? There are two main ways to acquire more sales through this social media platform; the first is paying accounts to promote your products, and the second is building your own following and promoting your products organically (i.e. without paid ads). Let’s explore organic promotion further.  

Capitalizing on other account’s following

One approach you might not have considered is capitalizing on other account’s popularity and following. Ashish Tyagi, an experienced Teespring seller, says “If you’re not using Twitter, you’re losing money.” Below you can see a screenshot Ashish shared which demonstrates the views and unit sales he acquired for one campaign through Twitter.

“It’s really quite simple actually––I find big Twitter accounts related to my niche and private message them. I ask them to promote my products for $10 to $20 a Tweet. I’ve found a few accounts that I like to work with and have been using them for a while for several of my Teespring campaigns.” Ashish recommends contacting accounts with a large following (i.e. 200k followers or more) and ones that have a high amount of engagement (i.e. a lot of retweets, likes, etc.). You can negotiate payment with the account owners and send them funds via Paypal for example.

Promoting organically with Twitter

Ashish also has his own Twitter account. He has around 50k followers and that are super engaged with his content. He says follower engagement is just as important as the number of followers (if not more).

Screenshots from Ashish’s Twitter stats

Marcus, a student at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, also uses Twitter to sell Teespring products in his free time. After growing a large following he began selling products organically. To date he’s sold over 600 products without spending a single penny on ad spend. Marcus has kindly agreed to share some tips on how he was able to grow his Twitter following and how you can start generating sales organically too.

Your Twitter account currently has over 67k followers—where did you start, and how were you able to grow such a large following?

Back in high school, I was really passionate about the niche I found myself in (sport-related niche). I made a Twitter account 4 years ago with the idea of sharing my passion with my friends. I started getting a lot of engagement with the content I was posting and realized that there was huge potential to grow my following and possibly capitalize on it. Soon enough, I found myself with 500 followers, then a few weeks later I had 1,000…eventually I’d reached tens of thousands of followers with millions of “engagements” per month! My advice for those of you looking to grow your presence on Twitter is to start engaging your followers and encouraging them to spread your content—the best way to do this is by posting captivating content.

What made you choose Teespring for selling custom merch online?

I was scrolling down Twitter and noticed that one of the people I followed was looking to raise some money by selling their merchandise on Teespring. I thought, “hey, why don’t I give that a try?”. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I eventually got a few sales on my first campaign. It almost felt like it was too easy to be true, it’s awesome that Teespring makes selling products so easy!

What’s your process for finding new designs?

The great thing about Twitter is that the engagement goes both ways! Not only do I get to engage with my followers, but they’re also my inspiration for launching new designs. I’ll often reach out to them and see what trends and designs they want to see on products. Make sure you have insider knowledge or a good understanding of the niche (i.e. I personally play the sport my Twitter account is based on) and what your potential customers might be interested in.

What are some examples of how you promote your products organically (i.e. without paid ads)?

I typically will post on my account multiple times a day promoting the product. This tweet will include an image (as it usually leads to higher engagement), a call to action and a link to my product page. Other times, I’ll run a giveaway (see below), and this will encourage my followers to engage with my content even more and promote it for me.

Any other tips you can share for people looking to promote on Twitter?

Twitter is a great tool for encouraging two-way communication with your customers! Not only do they get to engage with your content, but you will learn so much more about their demographics that will in turn, allow you to improve your ads across other social media platforms (like Facebook). For example, if you know that one of your ‘followers’ on Twitter purchased a shirt, you can click on their profile and get an exact description of their interests, location, age, and other accounts they follow. This provides you with more insight into the profile you are looking to target. One of my main tips is to remember that selling with Twitter requires more engagement with your followers than Facebook does.

One response to “2 ways to unlock more Teespring sales with Twitter

  1. TheNewBie says:

    Hi I am a newbie to Teespring and to all of this T-shirt designs selling and marketing strategies .
    I wanna say Thanks for this very informational article, the tweeter promoting methods mentioned in here all sound useful. According to logical reasoning, all of these methods gonna work one way or another. But, they all require spending one of two things either Money, or rather time.
    Well, for me, as a university student; to go for methods that involve money investing is out o f my reach right now. However, spending time, in learning information related to this topic and also trying to build an engaged audience; is the only option at my hand. I am giving in it a try, hoping I’ll be able sooner or later to generate some decent amount of money out of this.

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