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10 tips for your holiday selling tool box


The next few months leading up to Christmas are the biggest selling months of the year! Are you taking advantage of all the Teespring tools available to you?

1. Teespring Driven Sales

You may have noticed the “Teespring Driven Sales” section in your campaign analytics dashboard…these sales are a direct result of different initiatives developed by the Teespring Team and include marketplace, paid promotion and email marketing. Some creators have reported a 20% increase in unit sales thanks to Teespring Driven Sales and there are several Teespring Creators who are acquiring over 65% of unit sales from marketplace alone!


Teespring Marketplace helps visitors find designs they’ll love

2. Buyer Message Tool

Did you know you can contact all of your past buyers? Use the “messages” tool in your Teespring Dashboard to share new campaigns, discount codes and stores with past buyers. Messaging folks that you already know love your designs is one of the most powerful ways to get them to buy again.

3. Promotions

Discount codes can boost conversions by 60% and are a great tool for encouraging past buyers to check out your latest campaigns. Discount codes can be especially effective when used in conjunction with the buyer message tool; entice buyers to check out new designs by offering a discount on their next purchase!


4. Teespring Storefronts

Teespring Storefronts allow creators to showcase their collection of products to shoppers looking to discover their next favorite design. They’re also perfect for cross-selling and are a great place to point to from standalone campaigns, giving potential buyers the chance to add more of your designs to their closet!


5. Goal of 1

Tipping your campaigns has never been easier! Now anyone can select a goal of one using a variety of different file types. Learn more in Teespring University now.

6. Teespring Customer Support

Over 40% of Teespring customers are repeat buyers for a reason! Thanks to your awesome designs and Teespring’s quality products and efficient customer support, buyers love coming back for more! This holiday season focus on maximizing your sales and let us take care of your buyers – we got your back!

7. Teespring Creatives

We’ve added more stock images for you to use just in time for the holidays! Use Teespring Creatives to refresh ad images and get great photos of models wearing your designs; these images are perfect for sharing online.

8. New Products

Since their launch, mugs have been climbing the ranks as a favorite add-on item for buyers! Include mugs and totes in your campaigns to increase buyers’ basket size and your profits.


9. Teespring Seller Support

Did you know Teespring has a Seller Support Team dedicated to assisting creators just like you? We want to help you along your journey to success and this means providing around-the-clock assistance every step of the way; Seller Support focuses on providing fast and efficient assistance to the creator community 24/7. Contact [email protected] if you need assistance with any campaigns!

10. Fulfillment Regions & Teespring’s Free Translation Services

Teespring produces orders in the US and EU to give your buyers the best shipping prices and delivery timelines available. You should select your campaign’s fulfillment location based on where most of your buyers live; for example, if you’re targeting motorcycle loving grannies in the United Kingdom you should select EU as the fulfillment location when launching your campaign.


When targeting international buyers consider translating your campaigns using Teespring’s Languages Department; all Blue Level creators and above are eligible for free translations (at least 100 units sold in last 12 months). Contact [email protected] today.

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