How to make a Teespring listing private, public, or unlisted

You can control who sees your Teespring listings and products by updating a listing’s visibility setting. Just head to the ‘Listings’ section of your Teespring account and click the ‘Settings’ icon on your preferred listing. Next you’ll see the section where you can select public, private, or unlisted visibility.


Visibility settings and how they work

You have three different visibility settings to choose from. 



Public listings can be seen by and shared with anyone. Depending on your account preferences  they will also show up in search results, marketplaces, Youtube merch shelf, Twitch merch store etc. Note that a listing must be set to public if you want it to appear within your YouTube merch shelf and Twitch merch store. Use the public setting when you want as many people as possible to see your products.


Private listings can only be seen by you and team members with access to your Teespring account. Your private listings won’t appear in search results, storefronts, YouTube merch shelf or the Twitch merch store. This setting is a great tool if you want to plan a big product launch. You can create your listings ahead of time and only make them visible when you’re ready to announce them. If you make a listing private you can add it to your store too and people won’t be able to see it until you make it public. 

If you change a listing from private to public it will be visible within your Teespring storefront almost immediately. However, it can take up to 24 – 48 hours for the product to appear in your YouTube merch shelf and Twitch Merch Store. Also, when you make a listing private it will immediately disappear from your Teespring storefront, but can take up to 10 hours for the product to be removed from YouTube and Twitch.


Unlisted listings can be seen and shared by anyone with the link. However, these listings will not appear in marketplaces, search results, or the YouTube merch shelf and Twitch merch store. Utilize this setting when you want to share your listing with a select group of people—they’ll only be able to see your products if they have the link. Please note products of unlisted listings can still appear in storefronts so you’ll want to remove them from your store if you want to limit the people who can see them.