Up-Sells explained

What’s an up-sell?
Up-Sells in the world of e-commerce is a way to suggest additional or higher priced items to your customers at the point of checkout. You’ve probably seen them all over the place on your favorite e-commerce sites with headlines such as “Similar Products” or “Frequently Bought Together.” In order to give you guys the benefits of this time-honored approach, Teespring has released our very own Up-Sells feature, customized to our unique way of doing business.

How do up-sells work on Teespring?

In line with our campaign model, up-selling on Teespring will allow you to suggest additional products to your customers from the same campaign. You’ll be able to incentivize the suggested products with a discount that only applies on the additional up-sell items. When we pull it all together, your customers will see something like this:

Okay, so how do I set this up?

Go your dashboard and navigate to the “promotions” section. You’ll find the “Up-sells” tab here. 

On this page, you’ll see all of your campaigns pre-populated and you’ll be able to filter by All, Active or Ended campaigns. All campaigns will start with up-sells off at first.

You can also change the default settings for all future campaigns. In the future, you can update your settings at any time by clicking on Change Defaults. ​


​​On the Default Up-Sell Settings:

  1. Select a Product Selection Type. We recommend Automatic.
  2. Select your Discount Type. We recommend Fixed Discount.
  3. Choose a Discount Amount. We recommend $5.00
  4. Click the Save Default Up-Sell Settings button and all campaigns that are eligible will now take on these settings.
  5. That’s it! You should be all set to start rolling in the up-sells.

A default’s great, but what if I want to customize up-sells for one campaign?

For any one campaign, you have the ability to:

  1. Turn up-sells ON or OFF in-line.
  2. Customize Product Type, Discount Type, and Discount Amount configurations by creating a Custom Up-Sell setting for the campaign.​​
  3. In the settings dropdown, switch the type from Default to Custom
    1. The first time you do this, the campaign-specific Up-Sell Settings modal will automatically pop up. In the future, you will need to click on the Edit Pencil Icon in order to pull up this same modal. ​
    2. From the campaign-specific Up-Sell Settings modal (pictured above), you will be able to choose a Product Type, Discount Type and Discount Amount that will apply only to the specific campaign you have chosen.
    3. Click Save Up-Sell Settings and this campaign will now take on your custom settings. Regardless of how you change your Default Up-Sell settings, the campaign will retain the custom settings until you switch the dropdown back to Default.​​

What are the different product selection types?

If you select Same Product as your product selection type — your customers will see the exact same product they just added with a call to action of “Add one more to your order!”

If you select Automatic as your product selection type — Teespring will automatically suggest products from your campaign.

I’m seeing an error triangle, what does it mean?

Depending on the discount amount that you choose in your Default Up-Sell settings, a campaign may or may not be profitable with that additional discount. If the discount amount is greater than your lowest margin product in a campaign, we’ll show you this error triangle which indicates that we will not show the up-sell display to your customers regardless of whether up-sells are turned on or off for the campaign.

In this scenario, we recommend switching to a Custom Up-Sell setting and adjusting the Discount Amount to a number that is profitable for the campaign.

How do I know how up-sells are performing for me?

From your up-sells dashboard, we give you two indicators of how your up-sells are performing per campaign. The # Sold column tells you how many additional units you have sold from the up-sell. The Take Rate column tells you the % of orders that included an up-sell item, that is, the % of orders that gave you a little extra up-sell boost.

What happens if I have a promo code and an up-sell discount?

We check to make sure that the promo code discount amount and the up-sell discount amount together will still keep your campaign profitable. In the case where a promotion code and up-sell discount are both profitable on their own, but together exceed the margin for the campaign, we honor the promo code and will hide the up-sell display.

This is in case you’ve already put the promo code URL in your targeting, we want to honor any previous expectations your customers may have before arriving on the campaign page. So be sure to keep promotion codes in mind when you set your up-sell discount amount.

What happens when a campaign ends?

Up-Sells won’t show up on an ended campaign. If you relaunch your campaign, the campaign will take on any previous up-sell settings you’ve configured so you won’t have the worry about resetting anything after a relaunch.