Why do my ad analytics show more conversions than Teespring Analytics?

Teespring uses an advanced tracking system to attribute your sales to the correct channel. Within your sales analytics you’ll see all sales fall under either the ‘Direct’ or ‘Boosted Network’ source. So what’s the difference between the two?

  • Direct: A sale driven by you. This can be through organic promotion, paid ads, buyer messaging, email marketing, etc.
  • Boosted Network: A sale driven by Teespring. This can be through a listing on a third party marketplace, buyer email campaign, Teespring retargeting ad, Teespring Marketplace, etc.

Profits per sale

When you drive a sale yourself (direct), you’ll earn 100% of the profits from that sale. If Teespring drives the sale for you, you’ll receive the guaranteed profit amount per product based on the category it belongs to.

The only exception to the guaranteed profit rule is if you set your profit too low. If your profit margin is lower than the guaranteed profit amount then you’ll receive the profit margin you’ve set. Therefore, we recommend making your selling prices above the guaranteed profit amount—this means setting your selling price for small accessories to $2+ profit margin, tees and home decor to $4+ profit margin, and all-over print products and sweatshirts to $6+ profit margin. For example, if you sell a classic tee at our recommended price of $21.99 (with $10.57 being the base cost), you will earn $4.00 if sold on the Boosted Network.

Comparing Teespring Analytics + ad analytics

If you’re advertising your products and notice an ad conversion doesn’t match up with your Teespring Analytics make sure you’re viewing all runs (print cycles) of the listing.  Depending on the time the conversion occurred, it might be on the same date, but in a different ‘run’ (print cycle).

Facebook Analytics:

It’s important to note that Teespring recognizes any direct traffic you’ve driven for 7 days after a user visits your listing. So if the buyer visits your listing page directly from an ad, and a few days later searches in marketplace for that same listing and makes a purchase from your listing (within 7 days of interacting with your ad), this sale will be credited as a ‘Direct’ sale, not ‘Boosted Network’.

Again, if you notice a purchase conversion in your Facebook analytics does not match your Teespring Analytics please make sure you’re viewing all runs (print cycles) of the listing.  Facebook doesn’t differentiate print cycles, so this is why it might appear to be incorrectly attributed on the same date—the sale might have occurred on the same date, but in a different ‘run’ (print cycle). Other discrepancies may be that Facebook is tracking buyers across devices that Teespring is unable to, or that Facebook is tracking conversions beyond the 7 day tracking window.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is accurate when it comes to traffic sources, but when we look at conversions/transactions there may be some instances where numbers do not match up perfectly with your Teespring Analytics. These are some examples of when conversion/transactions numbers may differ between Google Analytics and Teespring Analytics.

  1. When an off-teespring.com sale is made—for example, sales made on the Boosted Network, customer exchanges, reprints, etc.
  2. Keep in mind order cancellations will not appear in Google Analytics (because Google Analytics can’t revise prior transactions).
  3. Any browser related issue that stops the javascript event firing from Teespring to Google Analytics.

Please note Teespring Analytics is the most accurate source for tracking product sales. If you still have questions about the attribution of a sale you may reach out to our seller support team for assistance ([email protected]).