Production & printing methods

Teespring offers both Screen Printing and Direct to Garment printing (also known as Digital or DTG). Both processes are of the highest quality and our system automatically determines which to use based on your order details (product type, quantity, number of colors, etc).

More info on printing methods:

  • Screen Printing is generally what we use for higher quantity orders. Each color or “layer” of a design will get its own screen, created by the printing facility. The inks are then pressed into the fabric of the product through the screens.
  • When items are printed Digitally, the design which was uploaded to the website will be scanned, analyzed, and prepared by a computer system. Once it has been vectorized by our team to make sure there are no imperfections, it will be applied directly to the products offered on the campaign.

Teespring guarantees satisfaction and quality from both forms of printing, and all designs uploaded to our website undergo a thorough and rigorous art analysis before the printing process even starts.

Check out the video below for an example of how Teespring screen prints orders (footage from our Kentucky printing facility).

Nevertheless, She Persisted – $300,000 Raised from Matt Rudinski on Vimeo.