Printable areas on products

What is a “printable area”?

In Teespring terminology, the printable area refers to the grey or red box in the Teespring Designer. This box outlines the portion of the products where we will be able to print your artwork. When your design is within the printable area it will appear grey; if your design goes outside the outline, it will change to red to indicate there is an issue.

What does a red box mean?

When there is a red outline this means your design is larger than the printable area. If this happens you need to resize your design—otherwise the design will be cut off on your campaign page and when the product is printed.

What does a grey box mean?

In the screenshot below you can see the design fits perfectly within the printable area of the product.


Is the printable area the same for all products?

No, all the items in the Teespring Designer have different dimensions for printing. As you add new products to your campaign in step 2 during launch, you may notice the design on your products is resized to fit within the smaller printable area.

Example: Let’s say you are offering a unisex t-shirt and a hoodie. You’ll need to make sure that your design looks good on both products, according to the dimensions of the hoodie’s printable area. This is because it is smaller than the printable area of the t-shirt.

You are able to resize designs and reposition them on your products in step 2 if necessary. Also, after launching your campaign you can contact [email protected] if you need further assistance adjusting your designs.

What if I can’t get my design to look good in the smaller printable area?

Sometimes certain designs just can’t be re-sized to fit properly in more than one printable area at a time. While it might look great on a tank top, it may look very small on a t-shirt. Or a design that was altered to fit perfectly on a hoodie may appear too small on a different product.

When this happens, we suggest making separate campaigns for all the individual products that you’d like to sell. To link all of the products together, you can add their campaign URLs in each campaign description so that buyers don’t miss out. Also, you can even create an Up-Sell so that buyers can be made aware of their other options.

Tip: Remember the printable size on the back of hoodies is larger—so you could feature the design on the front of t-shirts and the back of the hoodies to allow for a larger printable area.

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