Print cycle settings, limited edition listings & countdown timers

How do I initiate a print cycle (“end a campaign”)? 

You can initiate a listing’s print cycle from within your Teespring account. Navigate to the “Listings” section of your dashboard and click the gear icon (settings) on the listing you want to edit. 

Please note you will only see the following two options if the listing has a sale, you can contact if you need help ending a listing with no sales. When you select “Start Print” we will initiate production for current orders on your listing and the print cycle will reset to 3 days. 

Select “End Immediately” if you want to initiate the print cycle and do not want the listing to relaunch

You can relaunch listings at any time in the ‘Listings’ section of your Teespring account. 


How do I schedule an end date (limited edition listing)?

Once you’ve created a listing you can schedule an end date—this feature is useful for sellers who want to offer products for a limited time. Keep in mind once your listing ends on the scheduled date the print cycle will not restart (buyers will not be able to place orders once it ends).

To schedule an end date  visit the “Products” section of your dashboard and select the gear icon (settings) for the listing you want to edit. 

Then select the end date, time, time zone, and save your selection. If you want to end a listing’s print cycle immediately you can select the “End Immediately” option too.  Keep in mind the print cycle will not reset when you select this option. 



How do I add a countdown timer to my listing?

You can add the count down timer on your listing pages through the “Settings” section of your Teespring account. Keep in my checking this option will add the timer to all of your listings on Teespring. 

This is how the countdown timer appears on listings: