How to create “pick up” campaigns (bulk orders)

Sometimes Teespring sellers work with buyers to create custom bulk orders. In these cases, our team is happy to assist sellers with facilitating free shipping or “pick up” campaigns.

To create a pickup campaign the order needs to meet the following requirements:

  1. The buyer will place an order for 24 or more apparel products (hoodies, tees, long sleeves tees, etc.).
  2. The buyer’s shipping address is located within the USA (domestic shipping).
  3. The campaign’s fulfillment region is US.

If your campaign meets these requirements you can contact Seller Support to activate the pick-up setting or activate the setting yourself. Once order pick up is activated the buyer will be able to place their bulk order on your campaign; the sales will count towards your monthly discount tier and you will be able to request the profits through your Teespring account.   


How to create a pick-up campaign

The instructions below explain how to add pick-up shipping to a new campaign. You can also update existing campaigns by turning off auto-relaunch in your campaign’s settings, then go to “Edit” and select the “Customer Pickup” option. 

Step 1

Create an apparel campaign using the Teespring Launcher. We recommend setting the campaign goal to 24 products (so the buyer must purchase the minimum required). Set the campaign length for 7 days and DO NOT set the campaign to always available or continuous relaunch.

Step 2

After setting the campaign length you should see the “Shipping options” section appear. Tick the box next to the text “Allow buyers to pick up their orders from you” and fill in your buyer’s delivery address.

Step 3

Once the campaign is live, set it to “private” (turn on this feature as shown below) and turn off the marketplace feature. Now you can share the URL with your buyer.


Step 4

Once the buyer has placed their order you can end the campaign within your account settings. This way we will start order production as soon as possible.


Please note the buyer’s order will have tracked shipping; once the campaign ends they should receive a notification email with their tracking information. Please reference shipping timelines here. If your customer needs assistance with their order please direct them to