Multi-Currency Checkout

Buyers can now checkout in five currencies — USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, & AUD!

But who? Who sees which currencies?

  • When buyers arrive to Teespring, their IP will automatically determine the currency they see on the campaign page.
  • For any non-USA IP and non-English (USA) locale, there will be a “Change Currency” link just above the price for all currencies. When clicked, this will direct the buyer to the currency toggle in the footer.
  • When a buyer selects a non-USD currency, they can complete their purchase in their desired currency and will be charged in their currency.
  • Regardless of the currency in which the buyer purchases, Springers will receive the same profit in USD per item sold. The profit shown in your Springer dashboard will be unaffected.

Please note, shipping costs have changed as well! Additional information provided here.