Children’s Products

Creators are able to launch campaigns featuring children’s products (kids products) using the Teespring Designer.

Kids products cannot be mixed with adult products—this means you will need to launch a campaign featuring kids products only. The reason they cannot be combined within one campaign is because the printable area of kids products is much smaller than adult products.

  • Toddler Tee: 12 – 36 months old
  • Kids Tees & Hoodies: XS (5-6 year old) – XL (12-14 year old)
  • Baby Onesies: 6 – 24 months old

If you’re running an adult campaign simultaneously, you can link to it in your campaign description—this way no one has to miss out on a sale. Remember you can also feature both adult and kids products in a Teespring Store.

Also because of the printable area size difference, baby onesies must be sold as standalone products—they cannot be mixed with other products.