How to download mockups of your products

There are several reasons you may want to download images of your products such as creating Facebook ads, cover photos, marketing emails, etc. To download your product images follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to your listing page and right click on the small thumbnail. 

Step 2. Select copy image address.

Step 3. Paste the image URL into your browser.

Step 4. The URL will look something like this:×9999/front.jpg

If you want to resize the image you can edit the text that says 120×9999 and update it to say 1200×9999 for example. Once you’ve updated the numbers hit the enter/return key. By changing the image size you will create a high resolution .jpg of the front image. If you want to save an image of your product with a transparent background, just change the file extension from .jpg to .png.

Step 5. Now you can right click on the image and and save it. 

NOTE:  Also, if you want an image of the back of the product change the part of the URL (in step 5) change the text that says “/front.jpg” to “/back.jpg).