Hot Streaks: How it works

May 20, 2020: Please note Hot Streak Challenges are temporarily being paused while we work on enhancing some functionalities and features.

What are Hot Streaks?

Hot Streaks is a brand new feature that enables Teespring users to win rewards. By completing your challenge for the week, you win a reward and unlock a new ‘hot streak’ challenge for the following week.

Who is eligible for Hot Streaks?

This feature is in beta and being rollout out to accounts over time. We’re excited to roll out Hot Streaks to all Teespring users in the coming weeks. Visit your Teespring dashboard now to see if you’ve unlocked this feature and start your first challenge today.

How do Hot Streaks work?

Once you’ve gotten access to this feature you will see a Hot Streaks tab in the overview section of your Teespring dashboard. From here you will see this week’s Hot Streak challenge.

How long do Hot Streaks last?

Challenges last from Sunday to Sunday (11pm PT / 2am ET) and you can complete one challenge per week. Aim to complete your challenge before the end time on Sunday to receive your reward and unlock the next challenge.   

What are my challenges based on?

Challenges are customized based on your personal performance. As you become more successful with Teespring your challenges and rewards will be modified to keep up with your progress.

What happens if I ‘fail’ to complete my challenge?

Not to fear! Your current hot streak will simply refresh, allowing you to attempt to complete your challenge the following week.

What types of rewards can I win?   

Winners can receive prizes like free samples, new pricing discounts, Teespring sponsored sales, giveaways, store credit, personal account managers, and more!



What types of rewards can I win?   

Winners can receive prizes like free samples, new pricing discounts, Teespring sponsored sales, store credit, personal account managers, and more!

How do reward tiers work?

You are assigned a reward tier each week based on your performance in the previous week. There are three reward tiers; bronze, silver, and gold. Each tier contains a different set of rewards. The higher the tier, the more valuable the rewards. 

Each week, you will have a target amount of sales. If you achieve your target you will maintain your current rewards tier the following week. If you exceed your target you will unlock a higher tier the following week. If you miss your target, you will go down one tier the following week.

Reward tiers:
  • Bronze: Free sample
  • Silver: Free sample or a sponsored sale
  • Gold: Free sample, sponsored sale, or a sponsored giveaway

Keep in mind gold is the highest tier, so your aim is to reach and maintain the gold tier every week. We plan to expand the variety of rewards per tier, so keep an eye out for updates!

Note that all users start with no tier, and if you accomplish your goal then you move up to Bronze in the following week.

Do rewards expire?

You must claim your reward within seven days or you will lose access to it. Once claimed, the reward will be saved in the rewards bank of your Hot Streaks account. You’ll have 30 days to use the reward before it expires.



Find questions and answers below on how to redeem a Teespring sponsored merch giveaway reward.

How can I host a giveaway? 

You can earn a Teespring sponsored giveaway by successfully completing your weekly Hot Streaks Challenge. Keep an eye out on your weekly challenges to see when you’ve unlocked giveaways. When you redeem a giveaway, we’ll contact you to confirm your giveaway product and create a custom landing page for you to share with fans. 

How long do giveaways last? 

You will decide when you want the giveaway to begin, and giveaways run for three days. On the fourth day the winner is selected and notified. The countdown timer will also be displayed on your custom landing page. 

How can my fans enter my giveaway? 

We’ll provide you with a custom giveaway landing page via email. You can share the link to the landing page with your fans. Fans can use this page to participate in your giveaway. 

How is the winner selected? 

Teespring uses an automated algorithm to randomly select a winner from the participant group.

How is the winner notified? 

We will contact the winner via email. 

How does the winner receive their prize? 

We will ask the winner to provide us with their delivery information and we will produce and ship the item to them.   

Will I know who the winner is? 

We’ll notify you via email when the giveaway is over and the winner has been selected. Please note we cannot share personal details (like name, email, location, etc.) of winners at this time, but we’re working to create a system where you can access this information in compliance with privacy laws in the future. 

What are the terms and conditions of giveaways?

Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to ensure that your promotion of the giveaway complies both with applicable laws and with the rules of any social media platforms from which your followers can learn about, access or enter the Giveaway. By providing these documents and instructions, Teespring is not providing legal advice or assuring compliance with social media rules. Please see giveaway terms and conditions here