How to edit listing title, description, and featured product

There are several ways you can edit your Teespring listings. Remember you can contact at any time if you need assistance editing your listing too.

Edit title, description and featured product

Once your listing is live you can edit the title, description, and featured product at any time.

To edit your listings you can navigate to the “Listings” section of your Teespring Dashboard. Click the edit icon (pencil) of the listing you want to edit as shown in the screenshot below.

After clicking the edit icon you’ll be taken to a page where you can change your listing’s title, description, display options and featured product. Click “Save Changes” to update your listing with the new edits. After saving, your edits will be visible on the listing page—it may take a few minutes for the changes to appear if your browser is cached.

Keep in mind you’re also able to edit your listing’s print cycle settings and make your products “always available” for buyers—click here to learn more. 

You can contact our Seller Support Team ( to make advanced edits to listings like changing selling prices, URLs, etc.