Dashboard Settings and Team Accounts

Through your Dashboard Settings you can change the following default information in your profile: public name, email address and password, default mailing address, phone number, and overall Facebook Pixels.

If you want to work with multiple partners on your account, you can also add “Team Members” and launch campaigns together.

Creating & Editing Teams

  1. After selecting “Settings” click on “Your Team”.
  2. Create your team, give your team a name and hit save.
  3. Add members and assign their positions from the drop down tab. Through this choice you are able to give different levels of access to your team.
  4. Adding a team member will send an email to that person asking him or her to accept your invite – be sure they accept the request to complete the process!

Keep in mind you can edit team member roles or remove them from your team within the same section of your account settings.