Delivery options for buyers: direct delivery & pick-up

Direct Delivery

Direct delivery is available for International and Domestic customers. This is the most common method used for Teespring campaigns. At checkout buyers will enter their delivery address.

Some quick notes:

1) Packages are delivered via USPS for all orders within the US and will arrive approximately two weeks after a campaign ends for domestic buyers.
2) DHL is used for international deliveries and the estimated date for arrival will be three weeks.
3) Buyers pay the shipping costs for their orders with direct delivery.

Order Pick Up

For domestic campaigns, pick-up delivery is a feature that we offer as well. Only select this option if you want to distribute your buyers’ items yourself. This feature is typically used for events—wherein customers will be picking up their items during the event.

Sellers can choose this feature when using the Teespring Designer in Step 3 of launch. When the campaign ends, sellers will receive an email with a list of buyers who chose a pick up location. When the package arrives, sellers may email the buyers to let them know that their order is available for pick up.

This box appears when you select “pick up” during Step 3 of campaign launch process.

Some quick notes:

1) Allowing for pick up is free for customers, and the cost of delivery will not be taken out of seller profits.
2) Orders of 150 items or less will be arriving via USPS. These packages will be in transit for our standard delivery time – 2 weeks.
3) Anything that is 150 orders or more will be arriving via UPS ground. These packages will also take about 2 weeks for arrival.
4) Keep in mind, buyers will always have the option for direct delivery, even if the seller has chosen to include a pick up location.

If you are looking for more information on how to assist your buyers with questions about their order please visit this link.