Accessing campaigns drafts & duplicating campaigns

There are a few tools in your Teespring dashboard that can help make launching and saving campaigns easier.

Saving & accessing campaign drafts

This feature allows you to save your campaign as a draft, which you can then access, edit and launch from within the “products” section of your Teesrping account.

Access saved campaign drafts by selecting “Draft” in the drop down menu as shown below.


“Load Settings From” tool

This feature allows you to load the settings from a previous campaign (product selection, color options, prices, campaign description, etc) and then you can upload a new design. 


Duplicating campaigns

If you want to copy a campaign or reuse a design you should duplicate the campaign (which you can do within the “products” section of your account). If you need to edit the products/pricing for the duplicate campaign you can reach out to [email protected] with your request. Keep in mind you can edit the campaign title and description by clicking the “settings” (gear) icon.