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I am new to this site and I know I am not the only one. Comment your URL to your designs so I can take a look at yours!If you're interested in viewing my designs here are a few of...

How does this site not have the ability to rearrange products?

I really don't get it, that is a basic function for all other shirt sites.I've even tried removing all products from my stores and re-adding them in the order I want, after a while they'll randomly be mixed around. Each time I check beck on my shop the items are in a different...

Facebook pixel - parameter question

Let’s assume I have a tshirt campaign like this (consider it is one of the many campaigns I have).Campaign URL--- teespring.com/catslove005Campaign name--- I love cats – limited edition I want to know how to implement facebook pixel in the following ways (only...

Your new collection of merch has just dropped and now you want to showcase it under your YouTube videos. Find out how!

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You can now sell wall tapestries, socks, iPhone cases (iPhone 6 - X) and Samsung phone cases (S7 - S9 plus) globally! In total we’ve added 8 new items to Teespring’s product offering this month, learn more about each one below.  

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