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Teespring x Google Shopping Guide

The Teespring x Google Integration creates a game-changing opportunity for sellers to get their products in front of millions of shoppers. Google Shopping ads can provide Teespring sellers with lower CPCs (cost per conversion) and

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Optimizing listings for Boosted Network

There are several ways Teespring sellers can optimize their listings to sell through the Boosted Network. Optimized listings can improve your products’ marketplace exposure and lead to more sales. An optimized listing can also help

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Seller Trust Score

One of the most powerful new features we're using to ensure good content quality on the Boosted Network is seller trust scores. Seller trust scores aim to serve two important purposes: The first is to Identify

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Teespring’s Pricing Discount

Just starting out with Teespring and want a higher profit margin? You’re in luck! Teespring offers flat pricing, but our Pricing Discount Tiers enable sellers to earn more profit on each item sold. So how

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Boosted Network Design Guidelines

Teespring’s Boosted Network helps sellers share their products with millions of shoppers around the world. But because we’re integrated with some of the most engaged marketplaces across the web—this means sellers need to consider other marketplaces’ content

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Marketing new products to buyers

Teespring’s new product options offer an opportunity to tap into additional markets as well as capitalizing on past buyers. In the video below Keegan and Cortland Rush share tips and insight on how they market

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