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My art was stolen and placed on TeeSpring.com

I’m having trouble getting TeeSpring to respond to my copyright issues. So I decided to start logging my issues here, in the hopes that TeeSpring would start responding.Currently, my designs are being stolen from my Amazon listings, and simply copied to TeeSpring. The...

Becoming a Featured Creator

Does anyone know the algorithms that determine who is featured on the Teespring...

Teeshirt design - EPS file upload

Hi,I am a new seller, doing my first Tee design. While uploading an EPS file, no error is thrown. But the background is not transparent(it is coming in black), even after REMOVE BACKGROUND is checked. Please help me resolve...

Get design inspiration from March's biggest events and learn how you can adapt your designs to sell year round. Also, learn about the newest listing themes we’re looking to prioritize this spring on the Boosted Network.

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From now on you’ll have access to additional metrics within your Teespring Analytics—specifically URL parameters, traffic sources, and page views. This additional insight can help you identify your best promotional channels and URLs that drive the most traffic to your listings.

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