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Amazon France

I think at amazon.fr something went wrong. Products are there but campaign title is missing and i think the shirts can not be found. On amazon UK i can find my campaign with the search terms, on Amazon France...

Campaign was taken down for copyright infringement, when it was just a sentence.

Hello, About 2 weeks ago I got an email that 2 of my campaigns were suspended for "using content owned by a third party."Both of those campaigns were just simple text: just a sentence which said "it's going to be ok". How can this be owned by a third party?It was not a...


I like to work on teespring but just one problem that payment is sometimes late Please try to make it faster Thank...

We are currently offering sellers the ability to opt in and out of this update within their analytics dashboard. Learn about the additional sales insight you can get with this new update!

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A new Creator Community Q&A coming in hot! This week, we're talking with French Youtuber, Sora!

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