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I am trying to sign into my account and its not working what is...

I keep selling but not making any money (because I set the goal too high). How can I fix this?

As you can see I sold 5 shirts and made $0 of these. Problem is they're still selling.I cant lower the goal lower than 3.Is there any way I could fix this? I made another campaign with the goal of 1, but strangely that campaign is not selling. This one is (even though they're...

I'm leaving teespring

I'm tired of design thieves, I'm tired that every time I go up a design appear thieves, I'm fed up and tired of the copicats, teespring should control those things, some method of registering your designs on the same platform or something, I AM TIRED! ,  claim stolen...

We’re bringing you some of the easiest and most effective ways to get your designs in the holiday spirit!

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Featuring your products in lifestyle images is a great way to catch shoppers’ eyes in advertisements and on social networks...so we’ve collected some free product lifestyle templates for you to use! Continue reading to learn how to customize them with your own designs.

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