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No Payout to my charity or responded to messages

Hello, 27 days ago I ended a successful fundraising campaign for a non-profit called A New Leash On Life. This was a highly publicized campaign and I even presented an oversized “check” to the organization on television with the understanding that a real check for...

CTR high but no sales

A couple of days ago I started advertising on facebook. My CTR was over 10%, but unfortunately I didn't sell anything. Is that a common problem? Are there any coomon reasons for...

How do I set up my payoneer account?

I get an error message that tells me to do another application. I have no Idea what that...

Campaign Budget Optimization helps you optimize the distribution of your budget across your campaign’s ad sets. You’ll be able to dedicate your ad spend to the best-performing ad sets/audiences and it can save you time by reducing the number of budgets you have to manage manually.  

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Back to school is the second biggest shopping season of the year with 29 million households participating in the US alone. Apart from school supplies and electronics, clothing and accessories will account for over 55% of each family’s spending this year. Make sure you're prepared!

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