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Change price of product after campaign started?

Hi, had a quick question for someone - not sure if it is possible or not.Started a campaign at a low price, first few rounds went as expected.  Want to raise the price up $2/item but leave the campaign/link to the product the same to cover additional advertising costs....

Single and double sided in same campaign

So I have an idea for a Tote bag design which would have a front and back.  I would like to use the front design on a shirt, but not use the back design.  Should these be two campaigns, or can I combine them as one...

Custom URL

Does teespring have an option to create a custom URL for a storefront or will it always be...

Want to sell more new products on eBay, Walmart and Amazon? Here’s your chance! Teespring has unlocked limitless inventory allocations within a variety of marketplaces and we’re looking to add 10,000 NEW pillows to the Boosted Network this week!

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Selling new products has never been easier thanks to the latest updates to the Teespring Launcher. Now you can add pillows, posters, canvas prints, and wall tapestries to new or existing campaigns.

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