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My Artwork has been copied

Hi, I am a proud seller of teespring and I have been with you from last year. I love your platform. But recently I found out that someone exactly stole my artwork. The date I create the artwork 17 April 2018The date of upload is also 17 April 2018The date I published this...

Getting click on FB ads that feature products, but no conversions. :(

I ran a brief, targeted Facebook Ad campaign and received 113 clicks to my product, but none of them converted to sales. I know conversion rates are pretty low, but was thinking that at least some of those would convert. Any recommendations on how I can increase conversion...

Received temporary message that my campaign is no longer available due to content issues...

However the message (which showed on my campaigns page) disappeared after a page refresh and all the products are still listed as normal, and on the storefront. Was this a glitch or has my campaign actually ended? I haven't received any emails from Teespring, but have noticed a...

Meet Farzana. Not only is she a successful Teespring seller, she’s a hardworking and creative Bangladeshi woman. She has started her very own online business from scratch and has begun cracking the code to success with Teespring Marketing and the Boosted Network. She’s here to share her story and inspire other people to do the same.

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Design Guard is intended to reassure shoppers they are purchasing from the original, legitimate creator of the design. This feature also adds an extra layer of protection for designs and empowers Teespring sellers to take legal action against copycats directly.

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