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How Do I Find My Store ID Number?

I'm trying to use the new YouTube feature and got a message to "Enter my Store ID." TeeSpring tells me to "Just log in" to get the number, but it's not listed on the teespring site. You have to generate the number using the tools provided in the YouTube...

Unverfied Paypal for Payout

I haven't verified my Paypal account yet, is it possible for me to receive payout with unverified paypal account? thank...

Promote Yourself Here!

I am new to this site and I know I am not the only one. Comment your URL to your designs so I can take a look at yours!If you're interested in viewing my designs here are a few of...

Teespring has just released an exciting update that will improve the way buyers and sellers use promo codes! In addition to using promotion URLs, buyers now have the option to enter promo codes at checkout to redeem discounts. This update makes it easier for sellers to offer promotions for their storefronts as well as product listings.

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Teespring has officially integrated with YouTube! This means that select YouTubers can have their Teespring merchandise appear directly below their YouTube videos. With the merch shelf, Teespring provides a seamless point of sale for YouTubers and their communities right on their video pages. For full details on benefits, eligibility, and getting set up, visit merchshelf.com. What it looks like The merch shelf is a functional browsing experience hosted below your video content. New products will appear in the shelf shortly after they are created on Teespring. Fans can browse your merchandise on both mobile and desktop all while watching your content.Incentives Here’s why

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