How to use Teespring Creative

Teespring Creative enables you to customize your campaign preview image when sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. You can also use Teespring Creative to create and download awesome lifestyle images for your products. 

NOTE: Access to Teespring Creative is limited to sellers with 10 or more product sales in the past year.

Step 1

Access Teespring Creative by clicking the settings icon next to any campaign in the “Products” section of your Teespring Dashboard.


Step 2

Once you’ve chosen a stage image the next step is to “Configure Artwork”—here you can select the item color you want featured in the image.

Step 3

After configuring the artwork, you will have the opportunity to save the image as your “social image” (i.e. the image that is displayed when sharing your campagin link on social media) or download artwork to use for paid ads.

And voila! This is how to set the display image for your campaign when it’s shared on social media and how to create an ad image if you plan to use paid advertising.